Head Lice Common Questions in Malaysia

What is head lice?

It's a small, greyish brown insect that lives on human hair.

What do lice feed on?

It bites onto the scalp to feed on human blood.

Will head lice die if it falls from your hair?

Actually, it can still survive up to 2 days if it falls on the floor or anywhere else.

How do you differentiate between lice egg and dandruff?

Nit or lice egg is sometimes mistaken as dandruff at first glance. But dandruff is actually the flaking of the scalp and is easy to remove, whereas nit is much harder and more persistent, as it is firmly attached to the hair shaft.

How long does it take for a nit to hatch?

Lice egg usually takes up to 10 days to hatch, and an additional week to become an adult lice.

How many eggs can a female lice lay?

Up to 7 nits per day.

Is Head Lice dangerous?

It doesn't really spread disease, but it does cause itching and may lead to skin irritation or even rashes.

Can Head Lice jump from head to head?

No, Head Lice crawls. It can't jump, and it doesn't have wings to fly.

Can you get Head Lice from pets or other animals?

No, you can't.

Then how does Head Lice spread to another person?

From close, head-to-head contact with an infected person. Another possible way is by sharing personal items like hairbrush, blanket, or pillow, with someone who has hair lice.

What are the complications of having hair lice?

Apart from the uncontrollable itchiness and a feeling of self embarassment that often leads to low self esteem, some schools even go through the measures of having a “No Nit Policy." This means that unless the student is free of any lice egg, that student may not attend school.

What should I do if my kids have hair lice ?

If it's not many, you can still do a manual removal by using lice comb. But if the problem is severe, doing a manual removal might prove futile. It is advisable to get professional help for lice treatment if your child's symptom becomes worse. Contact Lice Ninja Melawati for assistance.